good root beer is a work of art


Luke Skywalker eats out of the trashcan of Jedi ideology


if god loves us then how come I always run out of chips and salsa at different times

The ultimate theodicy

The starting line. So epic.

2014 SPCA Dachshund Races. If you hear someone weeping, it’s probably me.

Another vinyl find! I’ve been on the lookout for this one for a bit, so I was obviously stoked.

New record finds today! A new Johhny Cash 7 inch was recently released with The Man Comes Around (side a) and Personal Jesus (side b). I was really glad to stumble on this one.


Punk rock coffee at Monks coffee shop. #futurehubs

Reblogging because of my punk rock barista aesthetic.

(I was real proud of my latte this morning)

Maine Root Mexican Cola. This is all that really matters right now.

I’m pretty excited to start this book while on a break from conference research/writing this afternoon. It came up a few times during my Women in the Old Testament class so it’s been on my radar for a while. Turns out, both my mother and grandmother were big fans of this book. The copy that I’ll be reading actually belonged to my grandmother, was inherited by my mother, and then loaned to me.