I wonder who God would consider the best band of all time

What if I get to heaven and find out God only listens to Attack Attack

Would I be ethical enough to choose hell over a heaven like that



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This is stunning. I want to buy this for my future apartment wall.

Fall 2014 textbooks. Woo for getting back into more languages!

20th Anniversary pressing of Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut. Picked this up a few weeks ago and I’m so stoked to be jamming it while we cook dinner tonight.


The police raided a church because they believed that the church was offering hospitality. The police raided a church because giving people a place to rest is against the law. The police raided a church because caring for people goes against the aims of empire and must be stopped.

You cannot serve the United States and the Kingdom of God. You cannot honor a badge and the cross. You cannot love the state and your neighbor.


On this week’s episode of “Richard Dawkins is a Total Piece of Shit” New Atheism’s Pat Robertson suggests that mothers pregnant with children with Down Syndrome should abort.

What’s shocking to me about this whole thing (which is still ongoing on his Twitter account) is not his suggestion for a mother to abort a fetus, I expected that from him. I’m shocked by the logical conclusion of his line of thought, which is that society should take measures to decrease the population of individuals with Down Syndrome.

His language caught me off guard also. He uses the word “immoral” to describe willingly bringing a child with Down Syndrome into the world. How does he rationalize a statement like that?


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One of the major Christian interpretive issues when reading the Jewish Law is equating “unclean” with “sinful”. While there are some places where these two overlap, they are not synonymous.

This is extremely important and is something a…

Last semester my Women in the Old Testament class had a wonderful conversation on the issue of menstruation and childbirth as they relate to ritual uncleanliness.

There’s a pretty solidly affirmed concept found in the rabbinic literature about Torah scrolls defiling the hands of those who touch them. The idea is that some things are intrinsically holy and can “defile” things in a holy way. There were certain things that had to be done both before and after touching a Torah scroll to allow one to enter back into the regular assembly.

Feminist OT scholars have wondered if the same concept can be applied to women who are menstruating or involved with childbirth. We know from Leviticus that blood is considered holy and is connected to life, thus belonging to YHWH and YHWH alone. Perhaps these women were considered “unclean” in a holy manner. Blood and childbirth were (and still are if you ask me) mystical things. The blood “defiled” things because of how it was tied to life and therefore to YHWH.

Just a thought to contribute to the discourse.

Below you’ll find this past Sunday’s sermon! For mobile users, I apologize for the length. 

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