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QuestionThoughts on the ecclesiological assumptions behind Moltmann's "if you want someone to be Christian, don't send them to Church. Send them to the slums"? Answer

Wow, Luke. Were you just waiting for me to open up to questions??

First off, before getting too into this, I think that we have to keep in mind that Moltman’s entire theological enterprise has to be seen in light of his attempt to do Christian theology in the shadow of the holocaust. It really colors everything he does. When he says “slums” he’s got the German ghettoes in his mind.

That all aside, I think he’s suggesting something very interesting. Under this ecclesiology the community marker is neither right belief or right practice, as the debate has been, but instead right location. This has the potential to suggest that there can be a plurality of beliefs and practices within the church (an idea that, to a certain extent, I’m ok with) while it still is united.

I need to read this particular book so I can be sure what he’s suggesting though. I’m guessing what got you thinking was the quote that Steven posted? I’m sure Moltmann fleshes things out more, but that quote could be taken out of context REALLY easily. I can just see this sentiment being taken captive by white evangelicals to support “missions” (read: poverty tourism) and “outreach.” What Moltmann is obviously getting at is a radical solidarity with oppressed peoples. Sadly the Church as a whole has never been great at that. Some might point towards the early Church as an example, but I think that’s just romanticizing things. The earliest Christians weren’t going out of their way to be in solidarity with oppressed people, they just were the oppressed people. I’m also somewhat weary of any sentiments of primitivism within Christianity, i.e. “we just have to do things like the early Church” or “this is how the early Church did things so let’s model it” types of talk. We are Christians living in the 21st century. We have 21st century problems so we need 21st century answers.

Now I’m rambling.

In short: I like Moltmann a lot. He’s probably my favorite reformed theologian. I think he’s got solid stuff to say here, though I’m afraid his more radical suggestions will just get ignored.


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You’ve got about an hour tumblr. Otherwise I’m answering tomorrow.

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Gorilla Biscuits


I asked one of my regulars at the coffee shop who is an outspoken Christian how his Holy Week has been and he responded, “Oh, I’m not Catholic, although some of my roommates are. As a Protestant, I believe Holiness isn’t something that I’m called to for one week, but all the time. Although I do fail at times.”

Le sigh :(

That was literally the stupidest answer to that question that he could have given.


Always anti nazi!


Always anti nazi!

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Christian rock makes me want to cry

UGH. Don’t even get me started on Christian “hardcore,” “metalcore,” and “metal.” It’s all trash upon trash upon trash.

… the words to “The More I Seek You” are legit some of the creepiest sexual lyrics ever.


I googled it once you replied to my post and started freaking out. The lyrics get even creepier if you start thinking about a certain Hebrew euphemism involving “feet.”